Dolo: Opposites Attract


NOVEMBER 26, 2021-DECEMBER 10, 2021

EV Gallery is excited to present Dolo’s Opposites Attract, a study on the strongest of the magnetic attractions among the twelve signs of the zodiac. This collection of six oil paintings is on view November 26 through December 10. Opening reception Friday, November 26, 6-10pm.  Closing reception Friday December 10, 7-10pm.

Dolo is a multi-talented African American New York City artist and lifestyle entrepreneur who is redefining quality expression and style centered in art, work ethic, and community. Through his initiative Dolo Art LLC, he builds performance events, pop-ups, gallery collectives and quality clothing produced to influence the state of great comfort and extravagant living. Dolo is primarily self taught with his preferred medium, oil paint. Traveling and living in both the Bronx and Brooklyn, Dolo takes an unconventional approach to interacting with art and the art industry.