Nick Savides: You’re Always Something to Find


Couple under the Pont de la Tournelle
Oil on canvas
18” x 24”

EV Gallery is excited to present You’re Always Something to Find, a series of timeless, romantic paintings meant to transport you far from the streets of New York. Join us for an opening reception on Thursday evening March 17 from 6 to 8.

A portion of proceeds will be donated to an organization delivering humanitarian aid to people in Ukraine.

A couple gaze at each other lovingly on a hill overlooking Orchard Beach, while in the distance, a man is fishing, alone. Another couple embrace among the rocks in Central Park while The Pond reflects dreamily the surrounding green. In the West Village, yellow tulips announcing spring dominate a view into Jefferson Market Park as we are led forward along lush gardens. Meanwhile, on Martha’s Vineyard, a path leads us from the shadows and darkness out to the ocean and light beyond. Nearby, a couple is entwined on a park bench, surrounded by green, light, and shadow. In another scene dominated by light and shadow, a couple sit on the bank of the Seine in Paris under the Pont de la Tournelle gazing out to an uncertain future. In a nocturnal Paris scene featuring a night-lit Notre Dame, a couple embrace in their private-public world, while a cat stretches out, looking at us. At dusk, now in Brooklyn, a family fishes in the New York Harbor with the Verrazano Bridge lit in the background, framed by trees in the foreground. There is a red light in the distance, that almost looks like it is hanging from one of the fishing poles. The paintings are about people, and their relationship to nature and to their environment. A timeless nostalgia connecting time and place, experience and sense memory is revealed.

Nick Savides learned to paint from his mother at three years old and hasn’t stopped since. Inspired by the works of Edward Hopper, the quiet energy within his art captures a palpable sensation of both light and place. The paintings’ range encompasses urban scenes and architecture, landscapes and nature, and the figure and portraiture.

After studying under Paul Georges at Brandeis University, Nick began a career as a Realist painter. Starting out, he focused on paintings of people in interior settings, drawing on Johannes Vermeer as an influence. It was then that the effects of light became ─ and stayed ─ a key ingredient in his paintings. The paintings capture a sense of time and place with a certain understatement, as many of the titles would suggest: “Night in Paris,” “Verrazano Bridge at Dusk.” They grip you by inviting you in with the familiar and showing you more than you expected.  As Val Schaffner writes, “Beyond the carefully rendered beauty, complexity, and calm of his art, there is mystery: a sense of something about to be discovered.”

Since his first solo show in 1980, he has exhibited in many group and solo shows in New York City, as well as Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Long Island, Upstate New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, California, Wisconsin, and Toronto.  His work is included in numerous collections, and was featured on June Middleton’s “Minding Your Business,” which aired on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network in 2010.  Twice published by Nabi Press, he had a retrospective of his work at the Berkeley College Gallery in 2012, was selected for the cover of the 2015 William & Mary Review, and has been published in ArtVoices Art Books’ 2016 “101 Contemporary Artists” and the John Natsoulas Press’ 2018 “10th Annual Art of Painting”, and the August 2021 American Art Collector.

Nick lives and works in Brooklyn.

Opening reception Thursday March 17 6 to 8pm.

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Night in Paris
Oil on linen
36” x 48”
Lovers in Central Park
Oil on linen
36” x 54”
Beach Path
Oil on canvas
24” x 36”
Lovers in the Park
Watercolor on paper 
14.5″ x 21.75″
Lovers at Orchard Beach
Oil on canvas
32” x 40”
Verrazano Bridge at Dusk
Oil on linen
18” x 24”
Jefferson Market Garden in Spring
Oil on linen
12” x 9”