Anything Goes


MARCH 6TH – 11TH 2022

EV Gallery is excited to present Anything Goes, an exhibit that joins together present and former LaGuardia Community College students to celebrate their passion for photography and their need to communicate and find some semblance of sanity in an increasingly insane world. This eclectic mix of personalities and styles culminates in a chaotic body of work in the tradition of the DIY ethos. Photographers: Maylyn ‘Zero’ Iglesias, Eric Fennell, Judyta Grudzien, Diva Martinez, Josue Mendoza, Jeremy Orozco, Shoshana Soleyn, Phillip Thompson and Summer Walker. Anything Goes opens March 6 with a public reception from 6-9 pm.

Born on the Lower East Side and raised in that neighborhood’s hip hop and punk community, Maylyn Iglesias -AKA Zero– finds her images by walking (sometimes all night) fascinated by the things people do and leave behind and the endlessly creative ways they find to exist in the city. She is self-taught, her early sensibilities formed by 80’s graffiti, hip hop, punk and her mother’s Salsa and Supremes records. She is a recent graduate of LaGuardia Community College. Her work has been shown in NYC at Theater for the New City, The Clemente, Rivington Music Rehearsal Studios, and featured in Brooklyn vs. Hackney at Hackney Picture House, London. Website @nystreetsphotography
Eric Fennell is a photographer and filmmaker. He is a graduate of Brooklyn College. His work is non-digital augmented reality using miniature models combined with real landscapes. Human models are also sometimes used in his images. Website
Josue Mendoza (b. 2000) is a photographer born in Ecuador, raised in Nyc. He is currently a LaGuardia Community College student graduating at the end of 2022. Having a history with sketching and drawing Josue grew his passion into photography. Being very into surrealism and portraiture, he is looking forward to what this journey has to offer and is ready to learn as much as he can.
These photos were taken in central park 2021. With the Covid-19 Pandemic in mind I have always felt that we were in some sort of dream state, we were in and out of a pandemic. It felt as if things were finally getting back to normal then something came up and we’re back to the start. I’ve always felt dreams were powerful and I hope to transcend that energy with these photos. Website @jm.lens
Jeremy Orozco (b. 1995) is a photographer from New York City. In 2021, he received his degree in Commercial Photography from LaGuardia Community College. He is passionate about all things analog, traveling and cultivating images that speak and give light to subjects that are often overlooked. Website
Shoshanna Soleyn was born and raised in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. She was a Commercial Photography major at LaGuardia Community College. She was first introduced to photography by a friend in 2016, and got her first camera in 2018. She then started to learn how to make images and wanted to learn more about photography. She enjoys doing portrait photography. @_shays.photography_
Phillip Thompson is a photographer, writer and educator. Originally from Rochester, NY, multiple generations of his family mixed photographic emulsions and packaged films at the Kodak factory. He teaches English at LaGuardia Community College. He recently began a personal family museum loan project in which participants exchange family portraits to display in the other’s home. Contact him if you wish to participate. @brineswimhandle
Summer Walker is an alternative and studio photographer who lives and works in New York City. She explores ideas of the afterlife and consciousness through pattern and color in her alternative work, and focuses on commercial and fashion work in the studio. @summerwalkerstudio

Diva Martinez was born in Havana, Cuba and emigrated to the United States as a political refugee at the age of three alongside her family.She studied photography at Miami Dade College and CUNY: LaGuardia where her interest in video grew. She currently studies Film Production at CUNY Brooklyn College.Her passion for photography has driven her to experiment with image creation both still and moving.  Fueled by nostalgia and the desire to time travel, she uses archival footage as the canvas with which she creates. Using any resources available to her, Diva combines a mixture of analog and digital technologies to create visceral works of moving images that reflect a time before today. Diva is currently available for freelance multimedia work and based in Queens, NY. Website
Judyta Grudzien is a New York City artist who was born in Poland. Initially, her interest was in Polish literature, but she discovered a more universal language of photography. Judyta’s photographic practice consists mainly of using 35mm and 4×5 film; for her analog photography is an experience that is more hands-on and authentic. Judyta has shown her work in New York, Arizona, Philadelphia, Berlin and Barcelona. In 2020 she was granted a two weeks darkroom residency founded by Back To The Lab and AlterWork Studios. Subsequently, in April of 2021, she had her first two person show in AlterWork Studios. @polakeita