Fares Rizk: My Affair with New York City


FEBRUARY 17TH 2022 – MARCH 5TH 2022

EV Gallery is excited to present My Affair with New York City, a solo exhibition of new paintings by Fares Rizk. Please join us for an opening reception on Thursday, March 17 from 6-8pm, with performances by vocalists Deanna Kirk and Kieran Walsh. 

Sunlight. Shadows. The mingling of nature with the stainless
steel creations of man. Fares’s paintings capture precious, ephemeral moments and render them eternal. All of his work is united by a poetic and spiritual tone; a rare ability to find the sacred beauty in moments that can be missed all too easily. His sense of color and style has been compared to both Picasso and Matisse, two artists Fares has studied and admired his entire life.

Fares’s art has been collected by Jordanian royalty as well as American celebrities. His paintings are hanging permanently in the house of the Jordanian ambassador in New York City and Washington D.C.

Fares was born in Cairo to a Palestinian Jordanian family. He studied fine art at Parsons School of Design and graduated with an MFA. Fares lives and works in New York City and continues to travel internationally.

Fares’s work is in The National Gallery of Jordan, the Palestine Museum US and in Yinchuan Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) China. Most recently his work has been featured in a selected exhibition at Riverfront Gallery New York. Fares Rizk is represented by Wadi Finan for arts in Jordan and Patricia Field in NYC.

The exhibition is open to the public Saturdays 1-5pm through March 5, Friday February 18 from 3-6pm, and by private appointment made by email to info@evgallery.art.